Kozakken Koor

The EBKK has existed since 1987 and sings songs from the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian folk music. It is very successful in this.

In 1987 the Enschede's Byzantine Cossack Choir was founded. In recent years, the choir has grown into a nationally sought-after choir that has been conducted for many years by conductor / arranger / musical director: Paul Kempers.

We are also regularly asked internationally to provide concerts in which our performances of Byzantine and Cossack songs are now qualified as very special.

What makes EBKK so special?

The mysterious atmosphere of the Byzantine liturgy, the melancholy and cheerfulness in the profane part of the repertoire give the performances a very different character. The very special sound, coupled with the good balance between the voice groups and a bevy of excellent soloists, makes the EBKK a unique male choir in its genre.
It is essential that the choir acts as a unit; the soloist does his part, but this is always embedded in the totality of the entire choral sound.

A musical impression

  • Boedy Imja Hospodne 00:00

De naam des Heren zij geprezen, van nu en tot in eeuwigheid.

  • Amin, Amin 00:00

Heer wij bezingen en wij loven U.

Wij bidden U toe en danken U.

  • Tebe Pojem 00:00

Heer wij danken U,

wij loven U

en bidden U toe.

  • Voskliknite 00:00

Wees verheugd in de Heer, heel de aarde!
Zing voor Zijn Naam,
Geef eer aan Zijn gebeden;
Maak al zijn wonderen bekend!


Become a donor

The 'Enschede's Byzantijns Kozakkenkoor' (EBKK) is a very enthusiastic and active choir.

You will understand that these activities entail costs. One of the financial pillars of our choir is our loyal supporters: our donors. On the other hand, they can also count on something extra from our side: It is good practice of the EBKK Board to invite a few donors to concerts that take place outside our region.

Our experience is that our “fans” experience it as very pleasant to be able to look behind the scenes (bus trip, preparation, etc.).
In addition, the donorship provides a bond with a group of people who like Byzantine and / or Cossack music, just like you. Our current donors come from all over the country.


If you would like to receive information about the 'Enschede's Byzantine Cossack Choir', please contact one of the board members below. Or fill in the form below.

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